Floridian shoppers can enjoy a ‘holiday’ from sales tax as hurricane season approaches

by Kathy Hereford, May 15, 2019

Hurricane-tested Floridians and back-to-school shoppers will be able to once again take advantage of sales-tax “holidays” as they prepare for the upcoming storm season and the new school year.

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday signed a tax package (HB 7123) that features the disaster-preparedness and school tax holidays, as well as relief for business owners who rent commercial space and storm-impacted farmers.

With hurricane season starting June 1, DeSantis signed the bill while attending the annual Governor’s Hurricane Conference in West Palm Beach.

Noting the Floridians have become hurricane “battle-tested” after hurricanes Matthew in 2016, Irma in 2017 and Michael last year, DeSantis said, “Hopefully, we won’t have to use that experience this year.”

DeSantis also used the event to announce he is making $25 million available through the state’s Small Business Emergency Loan Program to assist Panhandle farmers who sustained damage in Hurricane Michael as they enter the growing season. Also, he said he has used emergency powers to help local officials quickly access a federal program that provides cash advances that can be used to rebuild schools, government buildings and certain nonprofit facilities.
The tax package was approved early this month as the 2019 legislative session ended.…

Source: Orlando Weekly | Live Learn Nona Blog | Lake Nona Real Estate