13 Modern Shower Curtains That’ll Instantly Upgrade Your Bathroom

by Kathy Hereford, March 12, 2019

It’s surprising that shower curtains are usually a last-minute addition to a bathroom. Think about it: Hanging nearly floor to ceiling and spanning several feet, they’re more a fifth wall than an accessory. Going for a basic clear one is a wasted opportunity to add some pattern or color (or both!) to the space. This applies even if you have a bathroom so miniscule that you refuse to block any portion of your view—Quiet Town now makes transparent shower curtains in neon hues. We should also point out that this is one of the rare times where going really bold has little to no consequence. Shower curtains can be changed out in seconds, unlike wallpaper or paint, not to mention tile. Read on to find our favorite modern shower curtains right now—and be prepared to want more than one.

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